My IVF Journey

We had our first consultation at the Queen Mary Hospital, Assisted Reproductive Center, Hong Kong on the 29 April 2015. This facility center  were recommended to us by the UK Fertility Department,  as it was accredited with the UK standards. In May Graham finally found his sperm stored in the Glasgow  Fertility Center and arranged shipment to Hong Kong.

I officially  started my treatment with the contraception pill  MICROGYNON, two days after my period started on the 11 September 2015. I took that  for 22 days. This allowed me to regulate any abnormal period and also give the Drs a specific date  to start my injections before my next ovulation.

DAY 1: Once I finished with the contraception pill on the 3rd October, we arrived at the clinic, and it was really unbelievable how many couples were sitting there already. I think we all had the same expressions, not really knowing what to expect and of hopes to become new parents.  I had the feeling that our “group” were all starting their own procedures that same day.

My name came up and both me and Graham went into the consultation room, where the Dr explained the to do list. I  had an trans-vaginal scan and blood to test my oestradiol (female hormone) which allow the Dr to decide which course of ovarian stimulation injections I should get. I will now receive daily injections to stimulate my ovaries to develop multiple follicles (each containing an egg).

After the scan, we went  to the next room where the nurse showed us how to administer the injections. I officially got my first injection ORGALUTRAN 0.25mg right there and then. The next one, we did at home. This was definitely one of the most exciting and anticipated days. I felt (or maybe imagined) an instant tingle inside me. I felt my hormones gearing up and getting ready for the ride of a lifetime!!  

DAY 2: Graham gave me my injection at home, as the nurse instructed. I pinched my lower abdominal fat and then he injected it into the sebaceous gland. Not painful at all.

DAY 3:  We did the ultrasound examination again in the morning  – depending on how I reacted to the stimulation the injections can either be kept the same or changed accordingly. After this ultrasound we added another injection GONAL 150mg + ORGALUTRAN 0.12mg.

DAY 4: 7:30 administration of the GONAL 150mg + ORGALUTRAN 0.25mg at home. Now we kinda got the hang of our routine. It was easy but I did start to feel a little bit more irritable then usual and began munching a lot of snacks.

DAY 5: Ultrasound in the morning. The Dr was happy with my progress, he kept me on the same injection regime.

DAY 6: GONAL 150mg + ORGALUTRAN 0.25mg

DAY 7: Back at the hospital for the ultrasound in the morning. Most of these injections appointments I went to by myself, they were taking so much time away from work for Graham and it was unnecessary for him to attend. In any case I needed him to be there for all the more important appointments.

DAY 8: GONAL 150mg + ORGALUTRAN 0.25mg

DAY 9: I was basically back every two days at the hospital to check my hormone level.  GONAL 150mg + ORGALUTRAN 0.25mg.

DAY 10: This is the last day of injections and the Dr reduced my GONAL 75mg + ORGALUTRAN 0.25mg.

My Graham did all the injections for me, I just could not bring myself to do it, no matter what, but it definitely felt we were in it together. Even for that few seconds it took to do the injections we felt connected and supported.  Throughout the whole process I was not particularly emotional or “grumpy” , but everyone reacts differently to these situations. (I am sure hubby has a different opinion).

While I was going through all this we are still waiting for Graham sperm to arrive in Hong Kong from the UK. It needed to arrive before I have my egg collection so that it can be thawed and prepared. If its does not arrive in time my eggs will get frozen, but like the Dr explained that during the defrosting process for both the sperm and the eggs some  will  be damage. He had 11 straws on the way which apparently is a lot.

With the end of my injections now, I received a HUMAN CHORIONIC GONADOTROPHIN (This is an injection that produce a hormone in the human placenta that maintains the corpus leteum during pregnancy.) at exactly 22:15 on the 10 October.

We could finally relaxed our little swimmers has arrived safe, sound and intact the day before my procedure.

12 October I went in for my EGG COLLECTION;   before my procedure i received antibiotics, pain-killer and a local sedative. This whole procedure only took 30 minutes. It was a strange sensation, lying there feeling the Dr pushing the needle into my ovaries, not painful but a bit uncomfortable. I could feel the bubble giving way, for him to extract the eggs. I  thought WOW, this is  amazing, this is me lying here, not someone else!! We collected 21 eggs!!! My parcel immediately left the room after the nurses made 100% sure that my name was indeed on it and spelled correctly!

I went home after an hour in the recovery room, feeling lighter! With a skip in my step and a silly smile on my face for I was the only one out  in public with my little secret. My sweet little secret.

By than Graham sperm has been  thawed, washed and prepared and ready to do it’s job! We did the insemination through Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).   This procedure involves the direct injection of a single sperm into an ococyte to assist fertilization. This is usually performed in males with severe male factors, in Graham case, he had testicular cancer and the the sperm we have in the fridge, is the last source, no more where that came from! If fertilization is successful, the fertilized egg will start to divide ( become an embryo).

I had an appointment for two days later the 14th October for the transfer of the embryos. After fertilization we had 11 viable embryos left. I arrived at the clinics and saw the Dr. He gave me the option of transferring the eggs that day or i could wait for another 2 two days. This way the remaining embryos have better chance of survival inside. We opted to wait. On the 16 October 2015 we had a total of 7 good  embryos left. We replaced two embryos this day. Leaving the remaining five for freezing! Unfortunately Graham was not allowed in the small theater. It was just absolutely amazing seeing those little white dots entering their home. I was so emotional, wiping my tears of joy from my face as I welcomed Braedan and Lachlan to their home. Honestly I loved being pregnant.

Two weeks later we did a home pregnancy test, AND WE WERE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!

The results: Braedan and Lachlan now 3 years old! ❤️❤️


Jacqui 💕

Healing Journey

Every human being is the author of their own health or decease. Budha

I have been suffering from Chronic High Blood Pressure for the last 15 years, a lifetime, RIGHT! All these years I just surrendered to what the Dr’s prescribed or suggested, never taking responsibility for my own health. I can’t change the past now but my future is mine now. My slogan ” I Am Taking Power Back” has been my motivation.

Anxieties and feelings of overwhelm cause by my high blood pressure has been my friends for so long. I finally have these under control through Meditation, Tapping, Reiki and being mindful. It’s a continued journey of learning and adapting. Some days are easier than others but I have taken power back. This in itself is a victory.

I am actively taking care of myself, balancing family, work, social and spiritual foundations in my life. Making sure I am happy, time alone and I try not to overthink. I am still struggling with this, my mind is alway busy. Never resting. Study shows that we have 50 000 – 70 000 thoughts a day. Crazy! I

t has been 4 months of diet change, salt intake management, rest, exercise, homeopathy and consultations with an alternative medicine Dr. It does feel great to be in control. Knowing the plan and my expectations helps me to stay focused.

My biggest supporter is my husband, Graham. Honestly without him I don’t think I would have gone this far. Words of encouragement, praise and my voice of reason when I try to over achieve. I love you babe, for always being there. Looking at my babies is all the motivation I need to preserve their mother till old age.

It is a journey, a lifestyle change to have healthy and long lasting effects. Just live!