We Survived Cancer, Our Story of Love

I met my husband in Botswana on the 7th of October 2008 at 1pm when he came into my salon for a haircut. It was definately love at first sight. After an hour long haircut that normally takes 25 minutes, he finally left with my card, knowing he will call me again soon. Later thatContinue reading “We Survived Cancer, Our Story of Love”

My Kids Book Launch

The launch of my book!! So much excitement and I am a bit nervous too. One thing I have decided, I will not to stress about the future. Will it be a successful? Is anyone going to show up?? Very valid points to get stress out about but there is no point for me toContinue reading “My Kids Book Launch”

Mama’s Boys

Blond little monkeys, Scattering around the house. Laughter and swirling, Delightful in their play! ******************* I love you, Mama. My heart overfilled! I need you, Mama. My purpose confirmed. ******************** Energy levels of crazy notes, Frustrations competing with each other, Fighting to assert their presence! Cries of hurt that Mama comfort. ********************* Double hugs, DoubleContinue reading “Mama’s Boys”

Healing Journey

Every human being is the author of their own health or decease ~ Budha It has been 4 months of diet change, salt intake management, rest, exercise, homeopathy and consultations with an alternative medicine Dr. It does feel great to be in control. Knowing the plan and my expectations helps me to stay focused. MyContinue reading “Healing Journey”

5 Year Dream

I arrived in Hong Kong on the 3 September 2013. Fresh from African soil. I am from Botswana. The difference was stark: open lands compared to a concrete jungle. I remember the first day on my arrival, making a promise to myself to one day open my hair salon here. No time limit, no pressureContinue reading “5 Year Dream”

Why Warriors

Navigating through parenthood and managing your own business is tough work. Fighting for what you believe in and making it a success give you the glorious title of a Warrior! Not often do working moms appreciate themselves for the effort and determination it takes to balance it all and still keep sane! It’s a consciousContinue reading “Why Warriors”