How Weight Lifting is helping to combat my stress

How did I get here???!!! Omg, I love the feeling lifting weight. I instantly feel like a very sexy body building goddess!! With a potbelly. Don’t judge this belly has been through war carrying the twins but nonetheless, I can’t blame them anymore three years later. I love my wine and junk food days now and than, and I know this is what is keeping my future six pack undercover.

A very unexpected enjoyment and I look forward to that burn. I can see why people can become addicted to this adrenaline. I see baby muscles forming around my arms. I go to gym after work, it’s like a mini holiday after a long day standing in the salon and taking in energy from my clients.

That feeling that I can just let go of all my worries when I concentrate on the workout. My head clears and I do feel so light with legs like jelly afterwords. I get to be just Jacqui getting assisted by a handsome personal trainer. Honestly the eye-candy does help motivate in small quantities.

We are working with a personalised schedule to target each and every muscle I never knew existed but my favourite is doing legs. I do feel like Jeniffer Lopez in that forest green dress after a session. A girl can dream, right!!!

I am a work in progress with an aim to look fit and fabulous when I turn 40 next year in March.

I’ll keep you posted!