Aphrodite’s 1st Year Anniversary

Honestly I can not believe a whole year has passed and my little salon is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary on the 10th of September. So much has happened and we both have grown so much from feeling overwhelmed to strong and independent business and boss lady. This shop and her energy completes me andContinue reading “Aphrodite’s 1st Year Anniversary”

Mama’s Boys

Blond little monkeys, Scattering around the house. Laughter and swirling, Delightful in their play! ******************* I love you, Mama. My heart overfilled! I need you, Mama. My purpose confirmed. ******************** Energy levels of crazy notes, Frustrations competing with each other, Fighting to assert their presence! Cries of hurt that Mama comfort. ********************* Double hugs, DoubleContinue reading “Mama’s Boys”

Healing Journey

Every human being is the author of their own health or decease ~ Budha It has been 4 months of diet change, salt intake management, rest, exercise, homeopathy and consultations with an alternative medicine Dr. It does feel great to be in control. Knowing the plan and my expectations helps me to stay focused. MyContinue reading “Healing Journey”