Do Not Judge Her

She is clad in designer clothes, bags and heels

She got in her flashy sports car

Long legs, shaven and golden

Anxieties from sustaining this lifestyle

One last breath and she is off.


Standing at the hotel door before she meets her client

She straightens her dress so it can cover herself with courage

As slay to pay her debts

She walks in and there he is

Fat, hairy and looking like a rich pig.


When you see her, do not judge her

That Momma that is breastfeeding her new born in the mall

That stay at home mom that’s shoving chicken nuggets down her screaming toddlers throat

That Mom sitting next to her teenage son, with his face buried in his Iphone

Silently sighing as the stares from the passerby peer through their souls.


When you see her, do not judge her

Sitting on the toilet after another failed IVF attempt

Tears streaming down her face

How can her body let her down like this?

A failure as a woman.


When you see her, do not judge her

Preparing for her big speech in the conference room

Poise, confidant and beautiful

A room full of men with glazed over eyes

Instead of seeing her, they see her tits bouncing

And her thighs clenching around their hips.


When you see her, do not judge her

You do not know what she is sacrificing

Be kind with your words

Uplift and support

You do not know what she is sacrificing.


Reeking of alcohol from the night before

Memories flooding back

The screaming and words of hurt

Mascara stained eyes.


How did she get here?

The dream of happily ever after

A distant life once lived

Head in her hands, sobbing.


Her son the only reminder of love

Getting him ready for school

Does he feel her fear?

Fear of her loosing herself.


Under appreciated


How can she breath in this current?

Threading water.


Topping up her glass

Just to take the edge off

So that for a moment

Reality leaves.


As the Fisherman cleans his boat

After a long hard day.

Silently at his duty,

Proud and tired but relishing in the calm.


The sun lingering on the mountain top

Waiting for it’s slow decent.

To rest after a hot day passed,

Slowly drowned to calm at nightfall.


My boys pleasure squeals playing in the sea;

Delighted in the breeze.

Slow waves of the ocean coming in.

Ready to settle down.


Thoughts of gratitude.

Heart rate slow and steady.

Beauty imprinted in this moment.

Calm, peaceful and truly blessed.

Butterfly of forgiveness

I forgive you

For everything know or unknown.

I release you from the guild and pain;

I accept you as you are.


I forgive you

So that you can find peace.

So that, that tightness in your chest can ease.

So that light can lift you!


I forgive you your shortcomings,

For all, that is what makes you whole.

I embrace your tears,

For strength needs you to be vulnerable.


I forgive those who caused pain and resentment!

I free them so, I can be free!

I follow the wings of the butterfly,

Free of emotional trauma!


Mama’s Boys

Blond little monkeys,

Scattering around the house.

Laughter and swirling,

Delightful in their play!


I love you, Mama.

My heart overfilled!

I need you, Mama.

My purpose confirmed.


Energy levels of crazy notes,

Frustrations competing with each other,

Fighting to assert their presence!

Cries of hurt that Mama comfort.


Double hugs,

Double joys,

Four little arms,

Wrapped around my neck.



The Pink Lily

Shining bright against the window,

Stealing a glimpse in your direction.

Pink and loud

Peace for my overwhelmed mind.


Busy bee, working Mama.

Forgot about herself,

Rushing at work for her existence.

Caring of needs for others.


Pink and dominant!

Holding its ground,

Bringing me back to reality.

Mama breath and be present.


The pink lily,

Joy sparked in an instant!

Catching the glare of the sun,

To connect with my heart.


Be present.



Wrapped around heart so tight,

My only friend in fright delight.

I need you!

I hate you!


I wrestle in fear,

You are always near.

I am tired,

You are so hard wired.


Mindfulness, my sight is clear.

My heart opened and free, my dear!

You are jealous of my victory.

Holding on to our history.


I surrender to my being,

You don’t know where to begin.

Letting go of me

I close my eyes and smile in glee.



Mind Games

Free as the sprayer in the pound.

Thoughts spread across my mind,

Notice them and let it pass,

Calm my mind from it’s chatter.


Replace the negative with the positive.

You are blessed to be alive.

You are a beautiful soul.

It is possible when the mind believe.


Reaching the tips of the palm trees;

Soaring high above the clouds!

Still against the chirping of the crickets.

At peace and healing.


Immerse in the moment,

Appreciate the opportunity.

Let go and surrender

To the tranquility of the mind.