Flying on waves

Free as a bird Soul souring Arms spread out To ride the waves ************************ Connected the with the water Drenched and balanced Sailing and surfing Bronzed by the sun ************************ Glory to the tides The foamy back of the blue Ride it and live it Embrace the salt and sweat ************************* Patiently waiting for theContinue reading “Flying on waves”

Do Not Judge Her

She is clad in designer clothes, bags and heels She got in her flashy sports car Long legs, shaven and golden Anxieties from sustaining this lifestyle One last breath and she is off. ******************************************** Standing at the hotel door before she meets her client She straightens her dress so it can cover herself with courageContinue reading “Do Not Judge Her”

Mama’s Boys

Blond little monkeys, Scattering around the house. Laughter and swirling, Delightful in their play! ******************* I love you, Mama. My heart overfilled! I need you, Mama. My purpose confirmed. ******************** Energy levels of crazy notes, Frustrations competing with each other, Fighting to assert their presence! Cries of hurt that Mama comfort. ********************* Double hugs, DoubleContinue reading “Mama’s Boys”