Mama’s Boys

Blond little monkeys

Scattering around the house

Laughter and swirling

Delightful in their play.


I love you, Mama

My heart overfilled

I need you Mama

My purpose confirmed.


Energy levels of crazy notes

Frustrations competing with each other

Fighting to assert their presence

Cries of hurt that Mama comfort.


Double hugs

Double joys

Four little arms

Wrapped around my neck.



The Pink Lily

Shining bright against the window

Stealing a glimpse in your direction

Pink and loud

Peace for my overwhelmed mind.


Busy bee, working Mama

Forgot about herself

Rushing at work for her existence

Caring of needs of others.


Pink and dominant

Holding its ground

Bringing me back to reality

Mama breath and be present.


The pink lily

Joy sparked in an instant

Catching the glare of the sun

To connect with my heart


Be present.



Wrapped around heart so tight

My only friend in fright delight

I need you

I hate you.


I wrestle in fear

You are always near

I am tired

You are so hard wired.


Mindfulness, my sight is clear

My heart opened and free, my dear

You are jealous of my victory

Holding on to our history


I surrender to my being

You don’t know where to begin

Letting go of me

I close my eyes and smile in glee.


Just Live.


Mind Games

Free as the sprayer in the pound

Thoughts spread across my mind

Notice them and let it pass

Calm my mind from it’s chatter.


Replace the negative with the positive

You are blessed to be alive

You are a beautiful soul

It is possible when the mind believe.


Reaching the tips of the palm trees

Soaring high above the clouds

Still against the chirping of the crickets

At peace and healing.


Immerse in the moment

Appreciate the opportunity

Let go and surrender

To the tranquility of the mind.