Flying on waves

Free as a bird Soul souring Arms spread out To ride the waves ************************ Connected the with the water Drenched and balanced Sailing and surfing Bronzed by the sun ************************ Glory to the tides The foamy back of the blue Ride it and live it Embrace the salt and sweat ************************* Patiently waiting for theContinue reading “Flying on waves”

Good Morning from Bali

Hi guys this is whirl wind detox vacation. I feel so at peace and calm here, surrounded by carefree tourist and holidaymakers. It’s gorgeous. I am staying The Belong. Simple but beautifully comfortable smack in the middle of all shops, massage parlours, restaurant and bars each blasting their own music. I arrived yesterday with CathyContinue reading “Good Morning from Bali”

My IVF Journey

We had our first consultation at the Queen Mary Hospital, Assisted Reproductive Center, Hong Kong on the 29 April 2015. This facility center  were recommended to us by the UK Fertility Department,  as it was accredited with the UK standards. In May Graham finally found his sperm stored in the Glasgow  Fertility Center and arrangedContinue reading “My IVF Journey”

SOS…….Temporary Anxiety Relapse!!!

Last night my thoughts got the better of me. Feeling drained, stressed and probably somewhat overwhelmed I could not sleep last night. I have my act together most days but I think sometimes the body and mind just need give in. I suppose when that happens we re-evaluate our circumstances. The choices we made andContinue reading “SOS…….Temporary Anxiety Relapse!!!”

Do Not Judge Her

She is clad in designer clothes, bags and heels She got in her flashy sports car Long legs, shaven and golden Anxieties from sustaining this lifestyle One last breath and she is off. ******************************************** Standing at the hotel door before she meets her client She straightens her dress so it can cover herself with courageContinue reading “Do Not Judge Her”

How Weight Lifting is helping to combat my stress

How did I get here???!!! Omg, I love the feeling lifting weight. I instantly feel like a very sexy body building goddess!! With a potbelly. Don’t judge this belly has been through war carrying the twins but nonetheless, I can’t blame them anymore three years later. I love my wine and junk food days nowContinue reading “How Weight Lifting is helping to combat my stress”

Aphrodite’s photo shoot

I have always love to use original before and after photos from hair that I have done when I advertise the salon. My clients came to appreciate that Aphrodite Hair & Makeup Facebook and Instagram photos are real images on real woman and not over exposed photoshopped photos from google. So when Aphrodite celebrated herContinue reading “Aphrodite’s photo shoot”