Why I opened my salon

I arrived in Hong Kong on the 3 September 2013. Fresh from African soil. I am from Botswana. The difference was stark: open lands compared to a concrete jungle.   I remember the first day on my arrival, making a promise to myself to one day open my hair salon here. No time limit, noContinue reading “Why I opened my salon”

Feeling depressed but the pressure to be happy at Christmas is overwhelming

This is the time to be jolly, but through the salon I have learned so people go through many changes, divorces, so much sickness and too many deaths but with this sad news still comes so much joy for others, new babies, unions, promotions and celebrations. Honestly I am tired, drained and emotionally spent. BeingContinue reading “Feeling depressed but the pressure to be happy at Christmas is overwhelming”

What Should Parents Do When Siblings Fight?

I remember my childhood with my siblings was constant laughter, fun and fights. We fought about everything but we had each others backs when someone else looked for trouble. Sibling rivalry is inevitable and like with my 3 year old twin boys it can get pretty nasty. Fights can be about anything from the wrongContinue reading “What Should Parents Do When Siblings Fight?”

Return To Hong Kong

Just a few more hours left here in this magical Island. I loved every moment of my stay here, but I am ready to go home to my family and get some cuddles from all my boys and I am looking forward to going to the salon tomorrow. Bali is so welcoming, whether you areContinue reading “Return To Hong Kong”

Flying on waves

Free as a bird Soul souring Arms spread out To ride the waves ************************ Connected the with the water Drenched and balanced Sailing and surfing Bronzed by the sun ************************ Glory to the tides The foamy back of the blue Ride it and live it Embrace the salt and sweat ************************* Patiently waiting for theContinue reading “Flying on waves”

Good Morning from Bali

Hi guys this is whirl wind detox vacation. I feel so at peace and calm here, surrounded by carefree tourist and holidaymakers. It’s gorgeous. I am staying at The Belong. Simple but beautifully comfortable smack in the middle of all shops, massage parlours, restaurant and bars each blasting their own music. I arrived yesterday withContinue reading “Good Morning from Bali”

My IVF Journey

We had our first consultation at the Queen Mary Hospital, Assisted Reproductive Center, Hong Kong on the 29 April 2015. This facility center  were recommended to us by the UK Fertility Department,  as it was accredited with the UK standards. In May Graham finally found his sperm stored in the Glasgow  Fertility Center and arrangedContinue reading “My IVF Journey”