Aphrodite’s photo shoot

I have always love to use original before and after photos from hair that I have done when I advertise the salon. My clients came to appreciate that Aphrodite Hair & Makeup Facebook and Instagram photos are real images on real woman and not over exposed photoshopped photos from google.

So when Aphrodite celebrated her 1st birthday I felt it the perfect opportunity to have a professional photoshoot as a birthday present. Bright and early my staff, models, organiser and photographer arrived ready for a fun action packed morning on the 3 September.

I could not be more pleased with the results that Katie produced. With a tight schedule and an itinerary to follow we were blessed with beautiful clear skies and lots natural light flowing into the salon.

I am internally grateful for Judith my graphic designer for organising/planning the day and sourcing the photographer.

Jacqui Salon Owner and hairstylist.

The Aphrodite Team

Suffina is a client’s favourite part of her hair appointment. She has build up a loyal clientele for her sought after hair wash and head massages. Bliss!!

Noemi our very talented beautician.

Louise create magic with her nail art. She is popular for her hard and soft gel services.

Website launch to follow soon. I can’t wait to start using all these and more beautiful photo.



As the Fisherman cleans his boat

After a long hard day.

Silently at his duty,

Proud and tired but relishing in the calm.


The sun lingering on the mountain top

Waiting for it’s slow decent.

To rest after a hot day passed,

Slowly drowned to calm at nightfall.


My boys pleasure squeals playing in the sea;

Delighted in the breeze.

Slow waves of the ocean coming in.

Ready to settle down.


Thoughts of gratitude.

Heart rate slow and steady.

Beauty imprinted in this moment.

Calm, peaceful and truly blessed.

Aphrodite’s 1st Year Anniversary

Honestly I can not believe a whole year has passed and my little salon is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary on the 10th of September. So much has happened and we both have grown so much from feeling overwhelmed to strong and independent business and boss lady.

This shop and her energy completes me and my energy towards this salon makes her a success. It makes me so happy and I feel deep gratitude when my clients come to the salon and immerse themselves into the calm and joy this place offer.

It’s hard work, oh yes it is but it is one of the best decisions I have made to set up Aphrodite. I started with one chair, mirror and a basin. The salon grew from tiny beginnings. At this moment we are a full service salon with services from hair, body and nails. Complete one stop shop. My dream and vision a reality.

Well deserved award for “Best New Business” in Sai Kung District

Aphrodite Hair and Makeup I do wish you many years success and great fortune. May you continue to pamper and create a safe place where clients can come to unwind, relax and feel like a goddess!

Happy birthday my darling

We love you!


Butterfly of forgiveness

I forgive you

For everything know or unknown.

I release you from the guild and pain;

I accept you as you are.


I forgive you

So that you can find peace.

So that, that tightness in your chest can ease.

So that light can lift you!


I forgive you your shortcomings,

For all, that is what makes you whole.

I embrace your tears,

For strength needs you to be vulnerable.


I forgive those who caused pain and resentment!

I free them so, I can be free!

I follow the wings of the butterfly,

Free of emotional trauma!


My Kids Book Launch

So much excitement and I am a bit nervous too. One thing I have decided, I will not to stress about the future. Will it be a successful? Is anyone going to show up?? Very valid points to get stress out about but there is no point for me to use energy to stress about the unknown. So I will allow for whatever happens is meant to be.

The face painter is booked and we have planned a detective scavenger hunt game. This is going to be so much fun. Snacks for the kids and a glass of bubbly for the adults.

In addition to helping our community by donating some of the proceeds.

To think all this started 3 years ago after the birth of the twins. I felt overwhelmed and my thoughts kept me awake at night. I started my little personal blog “Double Trouble Coping With Twins” to help me cope as a new mom.

Now it’s become a brand and I do have such great aspirations for it! It’s just the beginning and the possibilities are endless!

If you are in Hong Kong come over and join in the fun.

Keep well.


Mama’s Boys

Blond little monkeys,

Scattering around the house.

Laughter and swirling,

Delightful in their play!


I love you, Mama.

My heart overfilled!

I need you, Mama.

My purpose confirmed.


Energy levels of crazy notes,

Frustrations competing with each other,

Fighting to assert their presence!

Cries of hurt that Mama comfort.


Double hugs,

Double joys,

Four little arms,

Wrapped around my neck.



The Pink Lily

Shining bright against the window,

Stealing a glimpse in your direction.

Pink and loud

Peace for my overwhelmed mind.


Busy bee, working Mama.

Forgot about herself,

Rushing at work for her existence.

Caring of needs for others.


Pink and dominant!

Holding its ground,

Bringing me back to reality.

Mama breath and be present.


The pink lily,

Joy sparked in an instant!

Catching the glare of the sun,

To connect with my heart.


Be present.