We Survived Cancer, Our Story of Love

I met my husband in Botswana on the 7th of October 2008 at 1pm when he came into my salon for a haircut. It was definately love at first sight. After an hour long haircut that normally takes 25 minutes, he finally left with my card, knowing he will call me again soon. Later that day he sent me a text saying, “Thank your for the nice haircut, everyone in the office think I look HOT now!”. My reply, “So do I”. That day I went home and told my mom. “Mommy I have found my husband!”

 The next day on our first date, after we had both put our best foot forward, we went onto the nitty gritty stuff.  He had survived testicular cancer twice, first age 27 then again at age 32. He had an orchidectomy and radiotherapy, lethal treatments that would leave him infertile but thank God he was sensible enough at that time to safe his sperm and Me at the age of 26, weight at 45kg (7stones), I discovered that I have chronic high blood pressure with my first reading at 216/120! CRAZINESS, IMPOSSIBLE!!! A Drs race to basically safe my life from having a stroke, heart attack and the list goes on. I think we are a health insurance nightmare.

This date and its bittersweet memories would  be the beginning of our adventures of survival, unconditional love, hope, tears, laughter and ultimately our boys!

 We got married in Zanzibar, Tanzania on the 16 January 2010. The Island of romance, spice, sea and beautiful friendly people! It was a bliss-full day.  February 2010 threw us a curveball, Graham’s cancer returned for the third time and he needed to start chemotherapy immediately in Edinburgh. Scotland was cold, wet and I felt very lonely away from my family and support.

We called this cancer Reiner after a very unkind asshole! Naming it somehow gave us the power to tell it that; ” this is the last time that it will put us through this terrible way of life! This time you are getting F**KED!!!”  2010 was a very hard year, but we thrived through it, proof that we can overcome anything as long as we had each other and FAITH!! Nine years later and cancer free, we find ourselves here in Hong Kong!


Jacqui 💕