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My journey navigating through parenthood, managing my salon Aphrodite Hair and Makeup and promoting my kids book the: Sai Kung Police Officers.  A surprise to myself, I recently started to write poems. I am no expert in literature but expressing my thoughts through poems is so calming and my gratitude comes when my words touch someone heart when they are reading it.

My healing journey to reverse my chronic high blood pressure, face and overcome my anxieties and finding balance to manage my home, work and social life. Through this journey I have learned that healing comes in so many phases. I  had to make peace with the fact that I might have to manage my blood pressure forever but the lightness I have discovered from embracing my body is my ultimate healing. The logo is a true representation of my healing.

The aim of this blog to provide motivation, inspiration and where I can express my thoughts. I am an ordinary mom with an extraordinary view!

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