Welcome to my site!

My journey navigating through parenthood, managing my salon Aphrodite Hair and Makeup and promoting my kids book the: Sai Kung Police Officers.

My healing journey to reverse my chronic high blood pressure, face and overcome my anxieties and finding balance to manage my home, work and social life.

The aim of this blog to provide hands-on tips, motivation, inspiration and build a community of woman that will support and motivate each other though kindness, real facts and connect over a glass of wine.  A place where we can find personal inspiration to succeed and balance to cope with it all.

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Mama’s Boys

Blond little monkeys Scattering around the house Laughter and swirling Delightful in their play. ******************* I love you, Mama My heart overfilled I need you Mama My purpose confirmed. ******************** Energy levels of crazy notes Frustrations competing with each other Fighting to assert their presence Cries of hurt that Mama comfort. ********************* Double hugs Double … Continue reading Mama’s Boys

The Pink Lily

Shining bright against the window Stealing a glimpse in your direction Pink and loud Peace for my overwhelmed mind. ******************************* Busy bee, working Mama Forgot about herself Rushing at work for her existence Caring of needs of others. ******************************* Pink and dominant Holding its ground Bringing me back to reality Mama breath and be present. … Continue reading The Pink Lily

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